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Cliveden Outing

Cliveden Outing Monday 22nd May 2023 12 members attended the outing to Cliveden. The gardens and woodland overlook the river Thames and provided many photo opportunities with subjects such as the architecture of the house, statues that suited black & white and colour, there were lots of insects in the gardens, butterflies and mayflies.

America’s richest man, William Waldorf Astor, bought Cliveden in 1893 for $1.2m. With the arrival of the Astors, the estate entered a new era. William remodelled many of the rooms within the House, including enlarging the Great Hall and installing the wooden staircase.

During his time in Italy as US Minister, Astor had developed a love of classical sculpture and brought many pieces to Cliveden. He created the Long Garden with its topiary to display his Italian statuary. He also developed an East Asian themed water garden with a Pagoda made for the Paris Exhibition of 1867 at its centre.

Cliveden hit the headlines in 1963 when John Profumo, Secretary of State for War, was revealed to have first met the 19-year-old model and dancer Christine Keeler by the swimming pool at Cliveden two years earlier. Their brief affair became a political scandal when it was revealed Keeler was also in a relationship with Soviet naval attaché Yevgeny Ivanov. Best Wishes, Ray

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