The Tollesbury Outing

Updated: Jul 29

The Tollesbury Outing Report

23rd October 2020

14 members and partners went to the Tollesbury area on 23rd October 2020, and all kept the distancing rules.

Members went at different times so we didn't see everyone.

The weather was good in the morning but rainy in the afternoon.

An interesting area especially the Lightship and the Lofts.

Tollesbury Wick Nature Reserve did not have many birds but Linda Skaret made a great shot of the marshes.

Old Hall Marshes was more interesting for me and there were more birds but the rain came down and some of us got wet!

Some members left very early so that they could photograph the sunrise and that worked very well. Well done to Chris Wooldridge for the winning shot.

Hopefully there will be another outing after the lockdown in early December.

Best wishes,


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