Felixstowe Outing

Felixstowe Outing January 28th 2022

There were eight members on the outing and most went very earlier to see the sunrise and they achieved some very good photographs. I went about 9.10 am and arrived about 10.25 am. Firstly, I went near the pier and tried to take some images of the sea and under the pier. I left the pier as the lighting was not good as the sun was directly on it.

There were many people with dogs. There was a great photo of two women with a dog and a shadow on a chalet, but didn't do it. There were many dogs on the beach but again I was getting very cold so I went back to the car. Then most of us went to Cobbold Point and took plenty of images using a slow shutter speed of the sea defences and rocks. Then 6 members went to lunch at 1.00 pm in the Ferry Boat but there were a lot of other people so we divided into two tables of 4 and 2. Then we went to Pin Mill to photograph the boat wrecks but it was very cloudy and poor light. Then we left about 4.40 pm. Best Wishes, Ray

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