Hatfield House & Gardens

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed the outing. Many of the photographs are very good. The walks around the woods and the parklands were quite long. I enjoyed seeing the dragonflies, hoverflies, bees and beetles. I met some of the members and had a chat. Lunch at 2.00 pm with many members, although there was a long time about50 minutes for three of us. Then the waitress helped, gave us another drink and said sorry, so we were happy.. Then after 3.00 pm I walked to the see the Trooper Statue and again took some macro photographs. Then I looked at the time and it was 4.30 pm so I returned and exited. So, I didn’t see the Trooper. A good trip with fifteen members and partners, (twelve members). Best Wishes, Ray

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