Painshill Park Outing

Updated: Sep 2

Painshill Park Cobham Surrey Outing June 2021 The outing was with 16 members and partners, on Monday 28th June 2021. About 1 hours and 15 minutes from Billericay on the M25. For seniors it was £11.00 and you have a timed admission ticket. Most members arrived around 10.00 am. In the morning it was warm and cloudy, humid, not much rain, and in the afternoon it was sunny and very warm. The park was created in the eighteenth century by Charles Hamilton. After WW11 the park was divided and sold off in lots. It fell into ruin and was lost. The Painshill Park Trust was formed in 1981, a small charity, and restored the garden. The historic route was 2.5 miles so most of us walked about 8 miles. There were quite a lot of buildings and follies: Hermitage The Temple of Bacchus Turkish Tent The Grotto (but closed) Chinese Bridge Gothic Temple Ruined Abbey Amphitheatre and Sabine Statue (closed) In the morning it was quite difficult for me to find creative images. I photographed a coot on a nest in the lake, and some landscapes. and others asked me if I had seen the heron on the lake. I didn't ! Most of us met for lunch at 12.30 and we sat in a tent. There was a short time of rain, but warm and dry inside. After lunch I had a long walk and used the infrared camera and the normal one. I tried to photograph a crab spider but it ran away. There were lots of insects for my macro lenses but in the very sun atmosphere it was difficult to focus.

Then I decided to use the 100-400 lens and photographed ducks in the lake, and dragonflies on the edge. The best image was when a large carp jumped out the lake, but of course it was just a second and I couldn't photograph it. The time seemed to pass and it was nearly 5.00 pm, and as I was going out I saw the crab spider again. I used the macro lens and it seemed better than earlier. I left about 5.30 and the traffic on M25 wasn't bad. A great outing.

Best wishes Ray Waters

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