The Leigh-on-Sea Outing

Updated: Jul 29

Leigh-on-Sea Outing May 2021

There were 12 members in the outing, two days 20th and 21st May 2021. It was poor weather, grey clouds and high wind. I left around 9.30 am and first went to Two Tree Island. A long walk to the hide, which has been altered so that two people can be there. I spent about an hour but it was a low tide so not that many birds there. There were plenty of black headed gulls and a few others, and took a few good photos. Then I went to Leigh and used the filters, tried some boats on the mud, and a few people, but still with filters. I couldn’t take them off while they were ok to photo. So probably not much. Then Peterboat meal, outside but heaters and screens so quite warm. Four of us on one table and six next to us, and it was great to see members and to talk. Then I drove to Southend, and the wind was even higher and the sky grey, and some rain! Tried some street photography but very few people and none that inspired me. Walked to the Pier and wanted to walk out but it was closed because of the wind. You could go on the train but not what I wanted. Then I went to Gunners Park and tried with a Neutral Density filter. The weather was worse again, but enjoyed it if any of the photos are not good. There were a lot of surfers with parachutes, but a bit too far. At 5.15 pm I returned, and very tired but a very good outing. Best Wishes,


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