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Audley End House Outing

Audley End House & Gardens Outing 12th October 2023

Seven members attended the outing. During the morning there was rain and for some members the journey took just over an hour, others a bit longer due to road alterations just off junction 8 of the M11.

We were told that photography was not permitted in a majority of the house due to the items on display being part of a privately owned collection, which was disappointing but we were able to photograph the kitchen, nursery and coal room.

Other features of the house were the 3rd Lord Braybrooke’s impressive great hall, magnificent state apartments and decorative rooms. Then we went out into the garden and used flash to photograph insects and flowers, which maybe ok in post-production. Then all members met up for lunch. The weather improved in the afternoon. The Concord Temple was being repaired with scaffolding around the outside so no photography. Overall there was lots of photography opportunities outside – rain, frogs, fungi, snails, ladybirds, swans, a huge greenhouse and the exterior of the house, there was also a 17th century stable block and coal gallery. Best Wishes, Ray

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Some good images folks, well coped with the weather

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