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Feeringbury Manor Gardens

Feeringbury Manor Garden Outing


Thursday April 18th 2024


The gardens, all 10 acres of them, slope down to the river, and there is one large pond at the top level, filtering down to the river. It’s a delight to explore the garden, as different parts spring into view. As you see from the pictures below, you can see damsel fly flitting over the river, water tinkling down mill wheels, and a variety of formal and less formal planting. There’s an arboretum, and also some wrought-iron gates, trellises and other sculptures by Ben Coode-Adams, whose barn conversion (you see it behind some trees) featured on Grand Designs a couple of years ago. The images were very good and popular subjects included, flowers, tulips, bluebells, manor house, insects, fly, bee and statues.

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