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In Memory of Jenni Alexander

Jenni Alexander was a much valued and popular member of Photofold Camera Club for a number of years until she sadly passed away following a short illness in November 2020. 

Jenni and her husband Bob travelled the world taking photographs and recording what they observed at that moment in time. Jenni was passionate about photography, having a keen eye for what made a photograph special and stand out as a competition winner.

Eight years ago Jenni worked in Kenya as a volunteer nurse as part of a team called 'Kenya Gappers'. The team of nurses were based in a rural village supplying health care and building a school in the Tsavo area. The photograph to the right is of Jenni when she took on the role of group photographer. 


The images in the gallery below are examples of Jenni's photography taken over recent years. Through these images we at Photofold Camera Club remember Jenni as a kind friendly person always willing to engage with other club members.   

Camera Girl Jenni.jpg
Jenni during her time in Kenya
Some photographs of Jenni & Bob
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