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Howletts Wildlife Park Outing

Howletts Wildlife Park Outing Thursday 15th June 2023

On the day of our visit the weather was very hot so many of the animals were asleep. Our group was made up of eight members and one friend, with seven members taking part in our photography competition.

Howletts Wildlife Park is spread over 90 acres of ancient parkland near to Canterbury in Kent and is home to over 390 animals, including Kent’s only giant anteaters, the largest herd of African elephants in the UK, and more gorillas, leopards and monkeys than any zoo in the county. In total Howletts takes care for over 390 animals across 52 species.

In conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation Howletts have released more than 70 gorillas back to the wild and the released gorillas have had over 35 wild births! In Indonesia, they have released 41 Javan gibbons, 14 Javan grizzled langurs and 125 Javan ebony langurs. The Indonesian primates have over 35 wild births. Howletts have also transferred 8 black rhino from their Kent parks to Africa, who have produced 25 offspring between them.

Howletts Wild Animal Park is committed to one thing, the conservation, breeding and reintroduction of rare and endangered animals.

Best Wishes, Ray

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